Week Two – RFLP – Day 3

Well, I feel much better. Yesterday, the same thing, I had mounds of energy, starting to feel less bloated and heavy and today even more so. I’m looking forward to Day 4 and 5 this week. Those are the days when you really feel on top of it all, that’s how it went last week anyway. Completely cleansed by Day 5. I’m so anxious to weigh myself and since I won’t be near a scale on Day 5, I’m going to weigh myself today just out of curiosity. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve lost anymore weight. I feel heavier than last week so It’ll be interesting to see if I’m that in touch with my body as far as weight loss goes. As long as I haven’t gained weight, I won’t have a melt down!! Day 6 this week for sure, I am sticking to Green side of Approved foods. Last week, I felt like a little wavering wouldn’t harm me but I don’t want to risk feeling heavy and shitty again next week. With all the hard work you put in for 5 days of not eating, you really don’t want to set yourself back any days. I’m still taking all my vitamins everyday and I’m not yet sick of coffee and Ghee. When I wake up each morning, I can’t wait to have a cup, it actually helps to get me out of bed!! I leave tomorrow, I’ll do a blog entry before I go but then I might miss a day or two while travelling but I’ll be back!!

Week Two – RFLP – Day 1

Another 5 days without food and honestly, I’m relieved. I feel heavy and constipated. Food day was not a good day for me. I’m happy to just have my coffee and vitamins today. Nothing else. And I won’t miss it. I think these first few days might be harder because my body got used to eating for that day again. If I feel great on Day 5 this week, I might wait until day 7 to eat. Dave asprey says you can go either way, fast for 6 or fast for 7. This week, I am driving across provinces, a 18 hr drive and I’m happy to not have to worry about eating disgusting gas station food on the way there. This will be way easier.  

RFLP – Day 6 – Refeed Day

ReFeed Day!!!! I thought I was excited for this glorious day, supposed to be. Haven’t eaten in 5 days who wouldn’t be, right?! Yeah! I was excited right up until I actually ate. You’d think the first couple of bites would’ve been madness, heavenly. But they weren’t. I honestly just felt like a normal day of eating except I didn’t care too much about it. Maybe I chose the wrong foods, I don’t know. I didn’t get overly full or sick but I definitely didn’t feel good by the end of it. I can notice that I am heavier, pants are tighter. I took all of my regular vitamins, except the L-Glutamine and BCAAs And I ate some dark chocolate and nachos. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be eating cheese and maybe, i don’t know, but maybe that Is why I felt like shit. Either way, this is an experiment and I lost 11 lbs in the first 5 days so I decided if my choices led me to gain half of the weight back, that I will know for next time. And honestly, whether it did or didn’t it definitely was not worth it. Of course, I carbed up too. I ate sweet potatoes and white rice which is what is recommended. All in all, a disappointing day. w  

RFLP – Day 5

Bulletproof Rapid Fat loss Protocol Day 5 – Wow do I feel good!! It sure as hell doesn’t feel like I’ve gone 5 days without eating. I weighed myself again today and I am down another 3lbs from yesterday. Unreal. 11 lbs total loss in 5 days. Seems like a dream, I even weighed myself a couple times, just because I was in disbelief. I’ve I keep going at this rate, I’ll be at my goal sooner than I thought. My jeans are already falling off. I’ll post before and after pics in a few weeks! The mornings are really easy, I find this whole thing is easy as long as I’m doing something or out. The hardest parts are when I’m home watching movies and my roomies are chowin’ down. Last night, I had a moment of weakness and ate a few Gluten free Chee Cha potato puffs. When I say a few, I mean a few, I had like 10 in total. Started with one, then another, then a couple. That’s why this diet is easier than any low cal low fat diet I have ever tried, when you don’t eat, you don’t get cravings. As soon as I had one, I wanted another. I should know better now to not even bother with one. I had a tablespoon of butter and salt last night for “dinner” tastes like popcorn .. uh .. without the actual popcorn. I haven’t been actually hungry, no hunger pains at all, I find my hardest thing is boredom or just plain indulgence. I’m used to eating in the evening and eating whatever I want so that’s where there’s a learning curve. I’ve also been doing Whole body vibration 10 mins a day and stretching, I feel great!! Excited to go shopping for reefed day tmrw!!

RFLP-Day 4

Bulletproof Rapid Fat loss Protocol – Down 8lbs on my fourth day. I got curious and the scale was there, was planning to wait until tommorow but I decided what the hell?! Right. Asprey says not to weigh yourself after food day, because you may gain back a pound or two on the scale. Let the mirror be your scale. The weight will come off in chuncks after this week. That’s why I decided only weigh once a week, on day 5. Oh man, I cannot wait until monday!! I’ve already planned out what I’m going to eat, ughhh So yummy. Thats the thing too, I’m going to feel SO grateful for the food, something we normally take for granted or are unaware of in daily life. This is a nice change of pace! I bought all the rest of the recommended vitamins yesterday and I can say for sure, it makes a difference. I just don’t feel weak today, I think the L-Glutamine is helping. I still have an unreal amount of energy but I’m trying not to do too much. I feel great but I know there can’t be too much actual energy to waste and I don’t want to get sick. I have had a few dizzy spells after getting up quickly, but I just brace myself and take it slow, I’m not too worried about it. I had the same thing every now and then before this diet anyhow. Doctor said nothing to worry about. Its hot, drink lots of water. Take it slow. Today is the easiest day I’ve had, weird, no one would know I haven’t eaten in 4 days. I honestly didnt know feeling this good without food existed. Yay!   

RFLP – Day 3

Rapid Fat loss Protocol, Day 3.

I felt great last night, so much energy. No hunger pains. This morning my day is starting at 5 am. I drank a glass of water with a teaspoon of pink himalayan salt as soon as I woke up. Now, about 530, I’m having my first cup of coffee with ghee. I woke up feeling super skinny but it’s no question why. I haven’t had any food for the last umpteen hours. I want to give a bit more information for people who think this is dangerous. There is a warning that if you are carrying a lot of fat, you are also carrying a lot of toxins in that fat, so when you burn it off fast, those toxins will have nowhere to go and you may feel sick. The vitamins that are recommended aren’t optional. Also, people have reported feeling a bit flu like on the 3-4 day but they also report come the 5th day they feel better than ever, more energy, happier.

Here is a typical day on RFLP:

6:00 AM: Wake up.

  • 1tsp Lipoceutical Glutathione (up to 1 Tbs is better, but it gets expensive)
  • Pink Himalayan salt (in at least 16oz of water)

7:00 AM:

  • Drink Bulletproof Coffee.
  • Vitamin D3
  • Betaine HCL capsule
  • 5 grams of BCAAs
  • 1 gram of vitamin C.
  • 1 capsule of krill oil.
  • 1 capsule of vitamin K2.

10:00 AM:

  • 2-4 capsules of activated charcoal (taken away from other stuff)

11:00 AM

  • 20 grams of L-Glutamine.

1:00 PM:

  • 1/2 cup of Bulletproof Coffee with a betaine HCL capsule

4:00 PM:

  • 5 grams of BCAAs

6:00 PM:

  • 2-4 capsules of activated charcoal.


  • Eat some butter (your body will tell you how much, at least 1 Tbs) with a betaine HCL capsule

9:00 PM:

  • 500mg of magnesium
  • 200mg of potassium

If you are experiencing a head ache, take asprin and not tylenol. There are some risks that I have heard of, some people who have had low blood sugar, heart arrhythmias, etc. But I have also heard of people who have not felt any bad side effects. Pay attention to your body and stop if you aren’t feeling right!! There is an article about a man who fasted for 365 days without harm, I will post it next.

RFLP – Day 2

MOFO. Are you kidding me?! This is SO hard during certain periods of the day!!! Most of you are probably like, Yeah, no shit, dumbass!! lol .. That’s how I feel. This morning I woke up and I was having a hard time breathing normally, I have no idea what that has to do with, or if is connected to not eating or … not. After my first cup of buttery coffee, I got the shakes. I mean my hands were noticeably shaky, again, I don’t know why. I’m guessing the caffeine is hitting my system faster, I dont know. I don’t knoooow!!!! Here’s the thing though, I feel fine now! I went on WBV machine for ten minutes and the shakes went away immediately. I think maybe I just had too much energy and my body needed a bit of stimulation. I definely feel more energy than before the fast. My mind is sharp, I don’t feel spaced out, which I definetly thought I would. Also, I’m not even really “hungry” It’s mostly just that my mouth wants some flavor up in there. It’s habit too, thinking of what you should eat for the day, planning it, buying it, cooking it. All that takes time and now I feel like I have extra time on my hands. One thing that is keeping me going is thinking of how some people in some countries dont get to eat every day either. Doing this diet is crazy, but how some people live without choice is crazier. Plus, I’m saving a heck of alot of money. I noticed my compulsions to just stop at a quicky mart to grab some kind of non filling fat kid snack on my way out to work come up alot, and I’m realizing the non-necessity of it, it seems just excessive now. I like it. A diet and a savings plan! 🙂 lol .. Crazy.    

RFLP – Day 1

I’m extremely optimistic at this point but it is my first day. I’m expecting some tortous days to come but that goes with any diet or change you make. We form habits and always want to go back to them automatically. That is why I am starting with RFLP then switching to Bulletproof Intermittent after because I want to completely reset those habits I’ve formed in the last 6 months, they aren’t good ones. I think when you try to give up anything, real junk, or ice cream in the evenings (me), there is a bit of pain involved no matter what, you have to train yourself to ignore your go to’s and fight “cravings” For the next 5 days, I am training myself to ignore all food, all cravings, which logically should be the same level of difficulty.

I drank two cups of coffee today. Since we cannot get Grass fed butter in canada, I’ve decided to use Grass fed ghee (clarified butter) in my coffee. My brain will stay sharp from the caffeine and MTC oil and my body will run off the fat that I am providing it, in theory. If you want more info check out the tab on my page labeled Rapid fat loss Protocol.

To make Bulletproof coffee: First, you get your Bulletproof coffee from upgraded self. It’s known for being low in mycotoxins and the buzz is clean and like nothing you’ve ever experienced from coffee before!! Then, you get your grass fed butter or ghee, add a tablespoon, add a splash of Mtc oil and Blend. The coffee will come out creamy and frothy. You should not use conventional coffee filters because they remove the good stuff. I just use a French press & I have a hand held frother that I use from Canadian tire and it’s simple and less of a mess.

Rapid Fat Loss Protocol – Bulletproof

Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

The Bulletproof Diet rocks, you can choose the variation that is right for you, this one is hard core. RAPID FAT LOSS PROTOCOL. I am going to try this diet for 20 days, hopefully. This RFLP is designed for people with a high amount of fat to lose. I do not have a high amount of fat to lose but I am going to try it anyway! :O I do not want to hear about why you think this is unhealthy!! I know, Already!! It sounds very, very bad. However, there are ALOT of people claiming that they felt fine through the process and were successful.

Fast for 5 days, Carb up on the 6th. During the first 5 days, you only drink your coffee with your butter (I’m using grassfed ghee), a little pink of Himalayan salt in your water, and your recommended vitamins which are also found on the above link. On the 6th day, you can eat meat, your starches (sweet potato, rice, etc.) and as your veggies. Follow the Green side of the Food Infographic to find out which ones are good for you and which ones are higher in toxins.

This is how I think of it …

Your body is like “Wtf man, feed me”
And you say “Dude, If you want to live, You gotta use the fat as your energy source. You have heaps of it, use that shit up”
You body “Ugh, alright”


Totally doable. Let’s see how it goes!