NBA Using Bulletproof Coffee

What!?! Yep. Finally catching on. Here’s an article written by CBS sports talking about the NBA eating grass fed and using Bulletproof Coffee. Hell yeah. Read the article, seriously awesome.

My favorite information taken out of the article are “It seems extreme because it has basically turned the government’s sacred food pyramid upside-down. Shanahan wants the players to get at least 50 percent of their calories from fat, and no more than 25 percent each from protein and carbohydrates. Wait, what? That’s right. Basically the opposite of what you and everyone else alive have been doing for years” and “Not only are the Lakers unafraid of healthy fats, they practically freebase them. The pregame beverage of choice is something the players call “bulletproof coffee” — coffee seasoned with two teaspoons of pastured butter and heavy, grass-fed cream” ūüôā

I thought this was an interesting share, pretty cool when professional athletes and their top nutritionists are on board as well – We’re on the right track.



Whole Body Vibration Training- Get on it! Seriously, It’s amazing. I have noticed tremendous results and I have been using mine for approx. 3 weeks. There’s nothing else like it. This morning I woke up and my body was actually exhausted, the kind of exhaustion you get from a heavy workout or run – except I used my Living Vibrations Whole Body Vibration machine for like (did squats and some ab work for part and got tired way sooner than normal)20 mins in the comfort of my warm living room and spent pretty much the rest of the night in bed. So easy. ūüėÄ Hell yeah. 

Don’t know what it is? WBVT consists of standing on a platform that vibrates in a way designed to stimulate your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously and it really does. It is neuromuscular training that uses a low- to moderate-vibration stimulus to improve muscular strength and power to both sedentary and athletic populations and has been said to be better than resistance training or at least an alternative to. The WBV platform produces oscillating vibrations that are delivered to the entire body.The targeted muscles receive 25 cycles of vibration per second, which makes them contract an relax 25 times in the same period. When you stand on the platform, your lower body receives the highest vibration stimulus; the vibration lessens as it moves up the body.  

WBV Training Benefits

  • Increased lymphatic drainage (muffin top and cellulite are caused by blockage
  • Balances hormones (reduces cortisol spikes that happen after conventional training) Stimulates HGH 
  • Increased bone mass and mineral density
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Metabolic alterations in bone, stomach, bowel, prostate, kidney, and bladder
  • Enhances knee neuromuscular control
  • Immediate improvement in blood circulation
  • Pain reduction
  • Shrinks visceral fat & helps skin elasticity 
  • Improved proprioception, motor function and balance
  • Multiple Sclerosis Deterrent
  • Increased secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine

It’s incredible that there are countless benefits. I don’t even think some of the benefits have even been documented yet. Whole Body Vibration Training boosts your fitness, strength, tone,strength,flexibility, bone density, and range of motion all in a time-efficient manner. Like 10-15 minutes.  AND!! You can use it for faster recovery after a work out to Enhance stretching or you can just stand on it, and reap the benefits. You can also carry out a certain exercises while on the machine to maximize the workout. Everyone should own one.    

Here’s what Dave Asprey has to say about it WHOLE BODY VIBRATION TRAINING I love Dave Asprey & I do agree with everything he says except that his machine is the Best. I’m using one from Living Vibrations and I think this machine is top notch. Here’s the Link for the living Vibrations website Living vibrations for anyone in the area intersted in trying it for themselves. If you’re really interested, they offer a 21 day in home trail!! You won’t be disappointed ūüėČ  




Dreams, Float tanks & Alpha Brain

Alpha brain – I’m on day 4 or so and I notice a gigantic difference. I have a different kind of energy. Something I’m not sure If i’ve experienced before. I’ve been jacked up on different things in my time ūüôā but nothing this clear and clean. By that, I mean, Years ago, I tried all types of energy drinks, those evil 5 hour energy shots, caffeine pills of all sorts and all of them have made me feel sub par. Sure, you have energy when taking them but your mind is racing, your heart pounding, your mouth dry & your head aching. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects from the Bulletproof coffee nor the Alpha brain. I’m going to try the rest of the bottle and see how I feel without it. It also says on the label that you can take it at night for lucid dreaming. That, I am very interested in. I have always been fascinated with dreams. What the hell are they?! Does anyone really know .. there are scientifically supported theories but nothing is totally concrete. No one has a definitive answer. Since I was a kid, I’ve always believed in dream decoding but the problem is, I have never really gotten anywhere with it. Sure, you can use the dream situation and look at symbols and use the feeling of the dream to relate to life situations or problems but just because you know that you are stressed or feeling defeated or guilty or opportunistic doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. I think that is where the disconnect is. Decode your dream but the only thing you’re getting is confirmation that what is happening in your life is really happening. An “Oh man, even my dream says this is a problem” sort of thing. That is why I love float tanks.

I like to call it a think tank even though the benefits are both physical and cognitive. You go in there, and the first 20 minutes are like a brief summary of your life’s current events. The last twenty minutes often end with a transition from beta brainwaves to theta, which usually only occurs briefly before sleep and briefly before waking. In a float tank, the theta state can last indefinitely without the losing consciousness. You can use the theta state as a tool for enhanced creativity and problem solving or for super learning, and the more you float the longer the Theta state lasts. The puzzles pieces fall into place. It’s the equal to a vacation or hours of meditation. You really get to know yourself in there. You can’t lie to yourself. You see character flaws, the reasons you’ve acted or done the things you have and how to fix them. That is what I love. I’m all about becoming a better version of myself and bringing to light whatever it is that might be holding me back. Why not!? What the hell else is there?! May as well get the full life experience! I don’t always get to a float tank though so I’m hoping that maybe Alpha brain with help. I’ve read reviews saying that the lucid dreaming end of it didn’t work for some people. I’ll blog about anything cool that happens though. What I love, is those experiences that you have in life when there is no room for self-doubt. The times when It’s like information from an unknown source has entered your brain and you know it’s right, you just know. I think everyone has those experiences from time to time. Call it whatever you want to call it. Whether you say it’s intuition or cosmic connection, god, logic, I don’t know but I’ll say that when you meditate or float or take part in other substance induced vacations, those “Just know” experiences happen a lot more often. You really need that time to shut everything off and get the answers to life. I don’t mean you’re going to figure out life by floating. I just mean, You’ll know the path you’re heading in is right, you’ll have a sixth sense over the directions to take, you’ll see yourself and other people in your life more clearly. You’ll love more fully. At least, those are my experiences. I’m always longing for some kind of higher level or eureka moment where things just fall into place. And I know it’ll happen.

I don’t listen to those people who reply “Chyeah, pff, we all are” or “Good luck with that” That kind of shit can go live its miserable life somewhere far away from me. Those are only opinions, I know but a lot of time it is telling into someone’s life perspective. The way I see it though is there is something seriously wrong with raining on someone else’s parade. So you think what someone else is saying is too sunny side up. That’s fine but You need to ask yourself why do you feel the need to dampen there’s by putting your opinion on them. Why is someone else’s happiness uncomfortable for you? I think we all know people like this. I don’t get it and I don’t want to. Fix Yourself. Actually, I used to get deeply engaged with that kind of thing. I felt like I could enlighten someone who was holding themselves back because of their shitty perspective on life. I thought If I just showed them a new way of thinking that everything for them, would change. I’m not talking about shitty disposition spreaders but people severely misguided. What I’ve found, and this might be just for me, but I found that I end up feeling misguided too. I ended up feeling lost, when you sacrifice too much for the wrong people, they somehow turn you their color. And maybe that’s just me, maybe I’m too faint hearted but I try to keep it black and white nowadays. I’m a chameleon at heart & I need to actively watch who I surround myself with.
I could go on forever because I think of the possible contradictions in my statements. You always hear people saying things about judging other people and that being a negative thing. It is when you aren’t doing any self-reflection of your own. What I truly think is that we are who we are given the circumstances. I think that belief is the root of what had me in some pretty terrible situations throughout my life. I still believe that even with the most evil people we cannot say with certainty that had we had the same upbringing and circumstances in life that our brains wouldn’t be messed up as well.There is no way to tell if you would or wouldn’t because you’re filtering it through your life experiences to date. The way you see it now is because you are who you are now. You can’t say what it would look like from a traumatized or neglected perspective. I think this. I just don’t like to get personal people who are terrible. I think at the root of it all, we are all the same. The mistake I’ve made in that past is that I think that I can get through the layers and layers of dysfunction and at some point or another there is an energy transfer and I get weighed down by the heaviness. We don’t have to judge, and pretend that we’re better than anyone else. But if it were survival of the fittest, which I also believe it is. Protect what is beautiful about you and stay the fuck away from energy drainers, creepy dudes, liars, anyone you feel isn’t contributing to a better life for you. Even people who constantly misunderstand you can be draining, someone who is constantly misinterpreting your intentions is poisonous as well. Have peace knowing that those types of people are all apart of the mix and they have their place here in this world as well. Not everyone is meant to live a certain way or triumph through their problems. There are so many inspiring, lovely people in the world that can uplift you, understand you and put things in greater perspective. I say, seek them out. Be full of life and love, Have fun and stay the fuck away from anyone that doesn’t fit the standards you have set for yourself.

Wow. This blog went way off track. Mini Rant complete.

I’m sold

6 Weeks

It’s been 6 weeks and I can’t believe how quickly time flew by. I really like having this blog because it allows me to have an honest perspective on time. I find that normally, I spend most of the time thinking about things as time is flying by and there is no accountability on how much time youve actually wasted not putting things into practice. I think I’m sold on this blog thing for other projects in my life as well. Although, I think that I could’ve blogged more, there were times when there was nothing to write about. I’m sold on Bulletproof. I’m sold on Dave asprey. I’m sold on Bulletproof coffee, life hacks, Glutathione, & grass fed everything. Fully & Completely.

I’m planning to continue Intermittent fasting with Bulletproof Coffee and Grass fed butter. Indefinetly. I’ve never felt better from any diet or way of life. I’ve spent some time as a vegetarian and vegan and nothing compares to this. I don’t get fog brain mid afternoon and my energy levels are always up.

I’m too into this blog stuff to stop now. So, for another next 6 weeks, I’ll track progress once a week! I’m going to try really hard to make sure that I do at least one heavy workout once a week. I’ll have to plan it for a day when I know I can get more sleep than usual so that cortisal levels don’t spike the day after. There’s always room for improvement. I’m also compltetely happy with my WBV machine by Living Vibrations & I’ll for sure continue doing at least 10 mins of that every day and see how it goes.

Super Pumped. ūüôā

Sleep Deprived Alpha Brain

Seriously. Maybe had 2 hours of sleep last night. My body was just randomly like, yep, no¬†more sleeping for you around 330. Yesterday was my first day of Alpha Brain and I had¬†one cup of coffee which I drank until after 2pm which is well advised not to be done. If that’s what kept me up these guys have everything worked down to an exact¬†science.¬†I took alpha brain again this morning and the only thing I can say is that I felt more speedy.¬†Not the best description you say?! .. I know. I’m not sure how to describe it. I’m in a focused go getter state of mind¬†but there could be other cosmic influences in play for all I know. What I know is .. I’ve had next to no sleep, I can feel that my eyes are tired but¬†my¬†mind is spot on. Sleep deprivation has no effect on my mental processes today, everything is without a doubt¬†firing at a higher speed.¬†Usually, you’d expect to feel sluggish and moody, not me, not today. Week one with Alpha brain, so far so good I’d say. Unless, I can’t sleep again¬†tonight then no more for me, I’ll let you know. The lack of sleep is definitely¬†making it harder to not have food this morning. Although, I really highly doubt¬†food would help anyway. Usually, when you’re sleep deprived it’s just a compulsion you have all day and never feel satisfied.¬†Your brain is telling your body that¬†you need energy from food and it keeps telling you that¬†all day. It’s true,¬†you never eat something and suddenly feel fully rested, like a banana is going to give me the feeling of a full night’s sleep.¬†No,¬†It’s an impossible¬†feat. ¬†Sleep deprived people have low levels of leptin–they don’t feel satisfied–and¬† high levels of ghrelin, so they feel hungry. Good thing for me, It’s just today.¬†I’m ignoring those signals from my body until noon, I’ll make it. I’ll be fine.

Slacking Off

Day 41

I’m still feel great, that’s the thing. I’ve slacked off to no end the last couple of weeks. Every couple of days, I’ve been pretty much eating whatever. Skipped a few days of coffee and butter. Skipped a few days of glutathione. Skipped a few days of taking vitamins with alcohol and that is¬†where I feel the real effects, that’s where I went wrong. It’s not like I’ve gone heavy or anything, just having a drink or two (and yes, some days a hundred, it seems) has me¬†feeling the effects in the morning. Some days, debilitated. I will tell you, the vitamins that Dave Asprey says to take when you to combat histamine formation, they work. Somehow, he’s got it figured out.¬†Block your Hangover¬†with the help of this Alcohol Infographic. Buy the stuff – You’ll want to buy your vitamins at least from a health food store, the ones you buy at the grocery are generally low quality and will do more harm than good. I’ve tried¬†this lovely vitamin¬†concoction when drinking alcohol¬†and If there’s one thing I will remember during the upcoming¬†holiday season, It’s that! TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!! Detox. I ate some shitty things the last couple of weeks but besides a little belly bulge I didn’t really feel too terrible over it. It’s like I have a higher tolerance now but usually you hear the opposite when following a specific diet. You always hear that your body can’t handle anything other than what it’s used to and that you’ll feel the effects on a larger scale. I just realized, most of the time I ate¬†the bad food¬†was after a couple¬†drinks of the bad booze,¬†so It’s very likely my “hangover” was food and drink induced. Both being to blame.¬†I’m not planning to continue eating shit. I’d like to get in the best shape of my life here, still have fun, be breezy and easy but I think getting a bit more strict for the next few weeks¬†will do me good. After all, the holidays are coming up and that’s where I’ll want to be more lenient in life. (I’m going to go through a hell of a lot of charcoal) All good.

Best Coffee Eva

Day 34

Seriously. I don’t think I’ll ever be going back. I’ve turned into a coffee snob. Actually, I’m totally a food snob too. These grass-fed, grass-finished steaks I’ve eaten¬†are killer and nothing compares. If you know, you know, You know? It takes a bit more planning to have a place to brew it, there is a little less spontaneity¬†and easy going-ness¬†in my life now. It sucks for the people who¬†don’t know to be rolling there eyes and whatever, but like a friend said the other day, they are the ones that’ll be old and shitty looking in a few years. Hell yeah, thanks for that. That might not be necessarily true but It’s good to remember that the benefits of your hard work (in whatever it may be) will be more¬†obvious as time goes on. Believe that.

I¬†feel¬†more amazing drinking Bulletproof Coffee than I did when I was drinking the local stuff Phil and Sebastien. That coffee was good too but I feel completely¬†different from¬†this stuff.¬†I liked the simplicity of being¬†able to grab¬†food/beverage to go if I needed to but how I¬†fantastic I feel outweighs the¬†want¬†for that, hands down. I have endless energy and not in like a creepy, fidgeting, anxious type of way.¬†I’m convinced that Bulletproof coffee may very well be one of the greatest of human achievements. ¬†I’ll be ordering more right away. I absolutely am in pure love.

Oh yeah, Another lb down!¬†Nice ..¬†I may post before and after pics later. I look more toned and haven’t done a thing. ūüėČ Say what?! ..

Bad Beans

Day 33

Bad Wheat. Bad Lectin. Bad Beans. Why am I harping on the beans today? Yesterday, I woke up extremely late for work and didn’t bring any food for my 14 hr work shift out in the middle of nowhereville on a snow storm day. Fuck my entire life. Not the end of the world if maybe I had coffee or some decent food left here in the fridge.

I had some things in the cupboard from pre Bulletproof.¬†Stuff that¬†I¬†never ever want to go anywhere near again. I swore I’d never eat out of a can again. ūüė¶¬† But then the hunger set in and¬†my brain¬†was like “Oh, it¬†can’t be that bad!” Bad brain. I gave in, I ate a can of beans. All beans are on the Toxic end of the Bulletproof InfoGraphic. I was more worried about the modified corn syrup¬†and that¬†they are¬†coming out of a can with some other miscellaneous¬†mystery ingredients.¬†I ate them & although my stomach was happy for a small amount of time, I still felt hungry.¬†That one bad decision led to others yesterday, I also had a can of diet poison¬†later and maple bacon (my coworker brought in) which also made me feel terrible, although it was tastey,¬†the thought of it today makes me cringe. No coffee or butter yesterday, no vitamins or sea salt. ūüė¶ Anyway, today I feel terrible –¬†stomach gurgling, bloated and I noticed as soon as I woke up, I had acid reflux. I hate Acid reflux. Bad beans.

So here I am, I decided to do a little more research on why beans are on the toxic end of this diet. When I was vegetarian/vegan, I ate beans all the time! Beans are good we’re told, aren’t they? Here’s what I found:Revenge of the Beans: Sneaky ways foods Suck your Energy¬†¬†¬†Read it. You’ll be surprised at the amount of research and links that went into it. If you’re deciding to follow this diet for higher performance,¬†you really don’t need to know why beans, tomatoes, lentils, dairy,¬†wheat, goji berries, peppers, etc. are bad for you, just stay in the green and you’re good to go. I like knowing. I like passing on info to others that need it.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates¬†¬†ūüėČ (For the dude I met yesterday¬†at the¬†scale)

Time Flies

Day 31

Holy Shit, Is it Day 31 Already?! .. Time is a Flyin’. And the weird thing is, I have no idea what I’ve been so busy with. Busy with Nothing. Sometimes there’s nothing to write about that is different that the day before, but I will try to update at least once a week, that is possible.

The last 10 days have been somewhat consistent.¬†I’d say¬†about half¬†of the days were straight bulletproof and the other half were¬†days when I ate things or drank,¬†(mostly drank), whatever I felt like. One day, I had some nachos,¬†a couple of days I had Beer, another day of Glorious indian food. There are certain things that I don’t usually waiver from, I usually always do coffee in the morning and fast, and try still taking the vitamins no matter what I eat later in the day. I eat Dark chocolate like every second day.¬†I’m taking it pretty easy I’d say.

I¬†received¬†my bulletproof supplies last week. I ordered¬†glutathione, coffee, Alpha Brain from Onnit, and Upgraded Collagen Whey – which I should remember to bring to work that way I can pack less food. I already pack less food though. What a breeze it is to get up and only have to grab a steak and a bag of veggies to bring with me to work. It used to be a full-time job just pack enough food for my 12 hr shift. And .. I’d be eating all day, then using the gym all night and I’d be totally exhausted..¬†
I haven’t started the Alpha brain yet, so I can’t write about it. The rest of the stuff is killer.

I said that I was going to exercise on my last post. I am not. There is a huge difference between exercise and physical activity ( I will write an entirely separate post about that later) What I will continue to do and do more of is physical activity. This includes Yoga, bike riding, walking, etc. I will not be doing P90X, I will not be doing any long exhausting nights in the gym, not now, not at least until the end of this experiment. I also used the vibration plate machine last week. That was fucking fantastic. I felt great for days, still do. I used it on¬†50 HZ for 15 mins and for your body, that can be the equivalent use of muscles that climbing gives. I fully believe in this type of therapy, It’s like it shakes everything free. Any blockages or slow-moving systems, it gets them working quicker and I feel lighter after doing it. My legs feel the best, no circulation problems. If you’ve never tried this, do it. It’s not a¬†lose weight¬†quick machine as its been marketed, its much, much,¬†more than that.

Feeling great. I’m sticking to this diet, right now, I can’t see not, ever. It’s the¬†easiest things I’ve done for sure, by far. I lost another 4 lbs since last time I weighed myself, I have no idea how long ago that was at the moment but I’m thinking 10 or more days ago. The sweet thing is I’ve been having fun, not exercising, not spending all day in the grocery or prepping food, and eating whatever. I don’t care if its 1 lb, it’s pretty rad.¬†¬†ūüôā